Customized scaffolding systems

We are always ready to meet the customer's needs with custom and exclusive projects. Contact us now for a quote and find out about our bespoke scaffolding and building scaffolding offers.

What is the best performing scaffold for the site I need to develop?

Dedalo Tech is first of all design: our project engineering staff will study customised scaffolding solutions suitable for any type of situation, guaranteeing safe development and improvement of your site.

Do I have height or volume restrictions when installing the scaffolding?

Dedalo Tech's solutions are highly customizable: eliminating the search for a standard, our technicians will design the scaffolding system according to your space and height requirements.

How long does it take to install the scaffold?

Thanks to our solutions, you will optimize scaffolding assembly operations guaranteeing maximum safety for workers and a reduction in assembly and disassembly times of more than 30%, thus helping to speed up delivery and lower costs for the client.

What kind of product is suitable for tunnel work?

Con Dedalo Chimera intervenire sulla manutenzione di una galleria stradale diventa veloce: la struttura del ponteggio, adattata alla superficie interna del tunnel, è trainabile da Dedalo Chimera tramite un doppio assale sterzante in ambo le direzioni per facilitare la progressione dell’intervento.

What kind of product is suitable for working in brackish environments?

The alloy with which Dedalo Tech materials are produced is resistant to salty environments: our scaffolding systems are optimized for every type of situation.

Quali sono le opzioni di consegna?

Dedalo Tech ci tiene ai propri clienti e ci tiene che il materiale arrivi quanto più vicino alla destinazione per garantirti comodità e velocità nel lavoro. Siamo, quindi, in grado di consegnare in tutta Italia, isole comprese e, su richiesta, anche direttamente in cantiere.

An example of customization?

For the construction site of the Angitola railway viaduct we have created the Fly 105 bracket specifically designed to allow night maintenance.
The maintenance of the kerb of the viaduct was not a simple matter, but Dedalo Tech immediately solved the problem and designed an ad hoc bracket to deal with this operation easily and in perfect safety!
Check in the video the result of the product and work.

What can we create for you?

Dedalo Tech designs and manufactures state-of-the-art scaffolding.

We want to offer you optimal solutions to reduce the time needed to set up the scaffolding, increasing the competitiveness of your company and offering greater efficiency and savings in time and transport.

Let's design your next construction site together: contact us for information on our scaffolding and construction scaffolding systems.