U-Launch System

The safest mounting system in the world

Safe setups for suspended platforms


- 20% working time


from 1 to 3 modules
in total 5m


Increased safety

*Italian Patent Pending

Technical features

Dedalo U-Launch is a safe rigging system for suspended platform in which the operator is preceded by the scaffold he is setting up, taking advantage of a safe support where he can work with great efficiency. The operator is relieved from the weight of the beams because the movement is carried out by a launching guide and electric hoists.


How the U-Launch System works

Dedalo U-Lauch represents a revolution for construction sites where there are suspended platforms. The operator who works on the suspended deck needs safety because he often finds himself in a condition where the scaffolding is ahead of him. Hence the need to create a launching guide with electric hoists that, in fact, supports the weight and allows easy scaffolding assembly and disassembly operations.

The frame

Dedalo U-Launch is composed of a kit that consists of two beams complete with trolleys, chains, hooks and winches for the operation of the suspended floor assembly system. Depending on the needs, the U-Launch beam can be supplied in a single piece of 5 mt, in 2 pieces of 2.5 mt or in 3 pieces of 1.67 mt each. The modular versions are equipped with junction pins and safety pins for fastening various pieces.

The advantages

Dedalo U-Launch is an essential aid during scaffolding assembly and disassembly: by increasing the operator's safety, it reduces work times by at least 20%. In addition, it allows to create a continuous suspended platform compatible with any type of scaffolding used.

Fields of application

Dedalo U-Lauch is used in works where the suspended plartform is used. These systems, often used in the restoration of viaducts, guarantee greater safety and rapidity, as they do not require the use of support means during set-up: the result is a scaffold that is quick to set up and does not interrupt road traffic.

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