U-Fast Beam

Suitable for the construction of suspended scaffolding

Reversible, the U-Fast beam makes it possible to install a continuous deck both with panels resting on the tube profile and on the U profile thanks to the offset joint.




5 configurations


7 lengths
from 1 to 6 m

*Registered Community Design

Technical features

U-Fast Beam is a high load-bearing aluminium beam suitable for the construction of suspended scaffolding, unique in its kind because it is perfectly compatible with all decks: both those resting on U-profiles and those on 48.3 mm round profiles.



The choice of 6082 T6 aluminium alloy is aimed at improving performance on site, especially when working at high altitudes, a context in which the reduced weight of the components is decisive in facilitating the workers.


The knurling along the entire U-profile has been developed to facilitate the manoeuvrability of the U-Fast Beam on site.


Concealed joints

U-Fast Beam is unique in offering concealed joints between beams: square (1) and circular (2) pins, both hot-dip galvanized, are fixed by means of innovative spring pins (3), equipped with a cotter pin (4), or by means of an M12 screw with nut.

Continuous plan

Joint space is eliminated resulting in the installation of a continuous (seamless) plane.


U-Fast beam and U-Fast beam U

Reversible U-Fast beam, for any type of panel. U-Fast U-beam only for panels with hooking on U-profile.

O-Fast beam

Only for panels with hooking on tube.

U-Fast Wood Beam

A U-profile suitable for benching.

W-Fast Wood Beam

Both profiles suitable for benching.


Header element

For the construction of the railing we propose a header element to be positioned at the beginning of the beam and a lateral starting pin, which can be positioned at any point along the length of the beam.

Side starting pin

The lateral starting pin does not change according to the direction of use of the U-Fast Beam (U profile above or below) and is fixed to the pipe by means of a special pipe to pipe joint, equipped with a M12/60 screw complete with nut.

Diagonal support for parapet reinforcement

The diagonal support for reinforcing the parapet, which can be positioned at any point along the length of the rafters, makes it possible to accommodate diagonals of the desired and/or available length.


Moral support element

For the realization of special geometries, we propose the 10x10cm moral support element that rests on the U-profile and the one that rests on the tube profile, depending on the direction of use of the U-fast beam.

Connection accessory

The connection accessories of the beam head with the ringlock system are divided by steps to be compensated: up to 3.07 meters and from 4.07, right and left connector.

Deckholder with ratchet stop 

The deckholder with ratchet stop fits quickly between the hooks of the U-profile panels, preventing them from being lifted accidentally. We offer 4 lengths (1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metres), which when combined are used on the U-profile of the U-Fast and U-Fast X Beams of 4, 5 and 6 metres.

Elemento per colmo di coperture

Compatibile con tutte le travi in alluminio H450 tubo-tubo, l’elemento per colmo è l’ideale per la realizzazione di coperture a doppia falda con inclinazione 15°. In lega di alluminio 6082 e facile da installare, sviluppa un’elevata flessibilità adeguata a tutti i tipi di isolamento (telo tirantato, pannelli plywood, ondulina, ecc.)

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