Chimera System

Improve efficiency on construction sites using revolutionary scaffolding systems

A trailer to overcome the limits set by the classical temporal succession of the assembly and disassembly phases




Technical features

Dedalo Chimera makes it possible to develop new solutions in the field of scaffolding according to the work that the site requires. It can be towed by any vehicle and can accommodate all types of scaffolding as work progresses. It features a self-levelling and barycentre control system.


Concept studied in detail

The DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon was born from the idea of a team specialized in projects of all sizes thanks to the provision of customized services in Italy and Europe.

Improved operability

The DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon is the result of years of field testing and continuous study, development and improvement of technical solutions to meet the growing demand for optimization of construction project phases and operations, with particular attention to worker safety. Our goal was to improve efficiency on construction sites by using scaffolding systems in a better way. Hence a wagon to overcome the limitations posed by the classic temporal succession of the assembly and disassembly phases.


Multihull wagon

The DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon has been designed to adapt the development, assembly and transport of scaffolding structures to all types of temporary work. For these purposes the wagon is equipped with a sophisticated system of sliding bars and interchangeable elements.

Translation, stabilization and alignment

A control panel enables the operator to adjust the DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon to the job in hand. Using the control panel, the operator can perfectly align the DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon with the designated work area.


The control panel for the sliding system is also used for leveling the DEDALO.CHIMERA carriage floor with the entire scaffold structure on top (balancing of level differences in both axes).

Self-supporting counterweights

The set of formworks for counterweights, which can be installed either from the side or from above, makes the DEDALO.CHIMERA wagon a self-supporting and anti-tip system.

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