Anchorage on intrados

For negative fastening on the intrados of structures

Technical features

Piastra a 4 fori asolati per tassello M12 con tubo Φ 48.3 mm e flange di rinforzo, da cui si sviluppa il ponteggio mediante spinotto e montante per multidirezionale.


Geometric dimensions

Plate 250 x 250 x 8 mm, tube Φ 48.3 mm in length 220 mm


Multidirectional multidirectional and Dedalo trusses both H45 and H 25


Steel S355


Plate with 4 slotted holes for M12 dowel with tube Φ 48.3 mm and reinforcing flanges, from which the scaffold is developed by means of dowel and multidirectional upright.

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